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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                igi

the contracts for the army, &c.; on this account
the wits call her " La Princesse Cacao."

There is to-night a ball at Madame de Soye-
court's, for six hundred people, dancing on the
graves of their fathers, or rather, ankle ^ deep in
their blood : n'importe ! il faut danser!

I went some days since with the Perregaux to
a ball at THotel de Marbceuf. The old proprietress,
Madame de Marbceuf, was guillotined by Robes-
pierre, because she had ordered her garden to be
sown with hay-seed for horses, instead of corn or
potatoes for men.

At a dinner where I was, at Formalague's,
Roederer and La Grange got into an argument and
grew loud. The former at last pulled out pistols,
and laid them on each side of him on the table.1

Le Bois de Boulogne is now the fashionable
lounge, and Bagatelle, a sort of tavern; both are
open, and are very pretty when full of elegant
people. Most of the Bois is cut down.

i Some years ago, a party were playing at whist at
Wattier's Club with Mr. B., whose discussion with Lord D.
then occupied a good deal of public attention. To the
astonishment of all, Mr. B. suddenly put down his cards,
pulled out a pair of pistols and placed them by his side;
upon which Lord A., who had just entered, and who was
a kind of MU noire to B. and the cause of this warlike
display, exclaimed, in his usual droll way, " I hope you do
not expect your adversary to follow suit."